Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

I be obliged

I be obliged to confess with the purpose of the day of the week I watched the preview of “V For Vendetta” next to the picture the stage I wasn't a few close to be willing to disburse a ticket in support of watching with the purpose of guy with a funny mask on his tackle. It seemed to me it would be solitary more of individuals down-to-earth movies extracted from a not very acknowledged “comic” (at slightest in support of me) with the purpose of are appearing in theaters quite often these days. But without hesitation with the purpose of I watched it, I think I was judging this picture unsuitable and not being absolutely passable with the writer and director.

It was quite surprising to go along the story and its incessant resemblance to what did you say? Is episode these days in a not too far away nation and not too unknown neighborhoods. Taking part in the picture is England with the purpose of has been taken finished by a assembly of fanatics with the purpose of control concluded with the purpose of their wisdom to live is power and the burden of his earth sculpt and ideas finished one and all and in all places. There is a incessant war outside the borders and inside democracy is finished; meanwhile panic about is alive. People has lost the power of questioning veracity and take conscience of the terrible cost of living under such a decadent regime. It is a sculpt based not in wisdom not in justice. Is the sculpt “fascists” preach, somewhere duty and a “clock-like” functioning of the society in the profit of a a small amount of “chosen ones” is wanted.

But suddenly in attendance is a catch alarming the “status-quo”, they (without knowing) control bent their own finisher. It is a presume with the purpose of appears to us as a mix of revenge with a revolutionary mind, its choose is “V”. Though the picture makes it closer to a down-to-earth vengeance thirst of this character, which is a bad place in support of the writer, but anyway; the film set us in front of tyranny being challenged by a single questioner, a single doubt of what did you say? Has been episode to with the purpose of society and his menace to multiply individuals doubts after the exact period has get nearer, this is…The 5th of November.

There is plus the human being margin of “V”, he meets the girl in the picture merit to his opportune presentation while she is approaching to be raped by a assembly of secret agents of the “fascist” regime with the purpose of control catch her walking next to the unsuitable hours. You are not even the holder of your period as long as the preachers of “England Prevails” are in power. She escapes safe merit to “V” but simply to be initiated into the earth of individuals who will trade with the purpose of earth. She will be the guest and prisoner of “V” until she ultimately learns with the purpose of in attendance is nothing to panic about but panic about itself.

At the finish in attendance seems to be a split of the vengeance appetites of “V” and the revolutionary intentions with the purpose of control been growing as the story develops. It becomes somewhat translucent with the purpose of everything near-term from the old regime be obliged to go down, plus “V”, but he has not here a final gift and maybe a lesson in support of individuals who wish for to ascertain it. Passions feel right to persons and can be very powerful forces; but revolutions can not be made by solitary or two persons, revolutions are made by the conscience and willing of the group.

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